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Pulmo Regeneration
Pulmo Regeneration
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What is the difference between Pulmo-regeneration and its analogues?
Pulmo-regeneration has no analogues in the market. It is a unique preparation used for the preven-tion of viral infections and the restoration of lung tissues after pneumonia.
How is the delivery carried out? How much is the delivery cost?
Express delivery is carried out from abroad. The average delivery time is about 7 to 10 days. De-livery cost is 1300 rubles.
What are the contraindications for Pulmo-regeneration?
Pulmo-regeneration is contraindicated during pregnancy and lactation period, and in patients who have an individual intolerance to components of the preparation.
Is Pulmo-regeneration a biologically active supplement or a medicinal preparation?
Pulmo-regeneration is a biologically active supplement that is used for elimination of complications of pneumonia.
Can alcohol be consumed along with Pulmo-regeneration?
Drinking alcohol at the same time as taking Pulmo-regeneration can reduce the effectiveness of the preparation. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to avoid drinking alcohol during treatment.
Where can buy Pulmo-regeneration at competitive prices?
You can order Pulmo-regeneration online through our website and get your preparation delivered to you.
What is the pharmaceutical form of Pulmo-regeneration?
Pulmo-regeneration is produced in the form of tablets.
Can Pulmo-regeneration be used by diabetics?
Patients with diabetes mellitus can take Pulmo-regeneration on the condition that they do not have the intolerance to individual components of the preparation.
Pulmo-regeneration can cause an allergic reaction if a person has intolerance to individual compo-nents of the preparation.
Please read the instruction carefully and consult your doctor before taking this preparation.
Can Pulmo-regeneration be used to treat animal diseases?
The dosage of the preparation is intended to give for humans. It is not recommended for pets. For all questions relating to animal health, we strongly recommend to consult a veterinarian.